Text Box: Meet Golden Elegance (Ellie May)  -  5/16/15
Sooty Palomino filly
Her Dam is Coecoe. Her Sire is Baileys Cream.   

Ellie is a blue eyed sooty palomino with roaning.  She is very well put together, getting nicer every day.  She has a  very small head, short back, plenty of feather, nicly angled shoulders, a round butt, a high tail set, and very properly set legs.  She is a definite keeper.  

Text Box: Forest Knights Gypsy Horses
Text Box: FKGH Ellie May
Text Box: Ellie is a delicate little flower, she is very sweet, but still is a little shy.  She will approach you, but she needs a little coaxing and does not hang around very long, before scampering off to investigate other things.    When I feed Ellies mom, she always comes up to me, looking for hay crumbles to nibble on, if I donít open my hand fast enough, she will touch my hand to remind me to give her some feed.
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Text Box: Golden Elegance - Palomino Filly (Ellie)
Text Box: Coeoce 14.2 hh solid sooty bay (1 red)
Text Box: CCG Baileys 14.0 hh Palomino Roan