Text Box: FKGH Selene
Born 5/31/2014 
Red Roan (ee Aa) with agouti
Expected to reach 14.2 hh

Her sire is Brendan and the dam is Piczee, her color is chestnut sabino with hidden agouti.

Beautifully marked filly, wide Chest, long straight legs, very short back, tiny dish face head, and a very bushy mane and tail.  Very sweet gal, she loves to be let loose to run, she does not get into trouble.  Love her multi colored mane.
Text Box: Forest Knights Gypsy Horses
Text Box: Selene
Text Box:  Sire St. Brendans
Sabino Palamino

Sire—St. Brendans,  2006 stallion, 14.0 hh Son of Romeo, Clononeen Mull of Kintyre. His Dam is Carolans.  I love Brendan's temperament, (he will let us touch him almost anywhere), his kindness to the geldings,  and when asked to breed he was gentle but aggressive enough to do the job.  I love his stripe down the center of his back, and the calico spots, and when he is wet the red flecks really show up.
Text Box: This Girl is our social butterfly, when I feed, she stands at the gate crying to get out.  After I let her out, she follows me around during feeding time, visiting each horse on the way, before scampering off to investigate the world.   She is a very sweet girl, she would just as soon visit with people as horses.  She has a very smooth gait is willing to work.  
2 017 foaled “FKGH Sweeter than Honey” a palomino filly.
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