Text Box: Coecoe (Lexinís Towhi) 
Born Jun 15, 2010, 14.0 hh, Solid sooty Bay Mare,
1 Red & 1 agouti gene (Ee Aa ) PSSM1 clear
4 stars rated by GVHS

Meet CoeCoe, she arrived here in July 2012.  A very stunning and sweet mare, heavy bodied with tons of feather, lots of mane and forelocks, very short back, with a tiny head.  

Her sire is RockAfella, her dam is Alexis of Lexlin
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Text Box: Coecoe
Text Box: 2014 -  Coecoe foaled Caliey a bay filly for Debbi in Oregon.  
2015 - Coecoe has returned from Oregon, and foaled a beautiful sooty palomino filly, Ellie May in June.   
2016 - Coecoe foaled Lincoln, a top quality blood bay colt.
2016 - Coecoe was rated 75.75 points, a quarter a point away from a 5 star rating.
2017 - Coecoe foaled Dinero  a high quality buckskin foal
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Text Box: Dinero, buckskin colt
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