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We choose the name Genesis for itís religious significance and also because it signifies a beginning.  Genesis was our first Gypsy Horse, and the beginning of what has become a lifelong relationship with this special breed.  Genna, which we call her for short, is a mare with loads of feather, a thick mane and tail and good heavy bone. She is super sweet and is the mare everyone who visits but canít ride, climbs on without a single concern.  She is the temperament the Gypsies looked for in their horses.  Aside from her beautiful black and white coat pattern, good temperament and lots of hair, this mare is extremely well bred, with names like, Chief, The Old Horse of Whales, The Midget Mare, The Original Kent Horse, The Horseshoe Mare, The Irish Stallion and the Wagon Mare in her lineage.  Wow this is foundation breeding!  She is broke to ride and drive and works like a faithful old dog. 

When Genna was two (and our only Gypsy Horse) we all headed out for a trail ride. Being so mild mannered even at that age we put our then 11-year-old daughter on her.   We all rode out into the steep terrain of the East Bay trails in the SF Bay Area.  Our daughter was heavy into English riding and used an English saddle for the trail ride.  With one horse in the lead and three behind her we headed down a steep ravine when the English Saddle flipped and my daughter tumbled over Gennaís head and landed square on her neck, her head hitting hard on a rock.  Now any number of things could have happened and having been around horses our whole lives my husband and I instantly saw all the worst-case scenarios and became extremely concerned over the situation.  Genna could have gone right over the top of my daughter who was lying injured only inches in front of her.  This would have been the most likely outcome with most horses, as the lead horse was young and making a huge fuss in front of her and the three other horses behind her were all pushing on her in an effort to get their footing and keep moving back toward the barn.  She could have turned and left the scene as no one had her reins anymore leaving a clear path for the three horse behind her to trample right over the top of our daughter who we were afraid to move due to her neck and head injury.  To say the least things could have gotten A LOT worse. They didnít.  Genna planted her big round draft hoofs squarely where they had stopped when she lost her young rider; she planted them there with her reins dangling freely and stood like a rock protectively over her our little girl.  Everyone there swears this mare was fiercely protecting our daughter from not only her own hoofs but the 12 frantic ones behind her trying to get home and slipping around in extremely steep terrain.  Remember, this was a two-year-old horse with less than thirty days of training under her cinch.  We knew then that these horses were special and there has been no looking back since!  What more can we say about this great mare. mare!!
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I  just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how proud we are of Riddler.  On the way home from the horse show yesterday, we stopped by the house of some church members of ours.  The gentleman will always ask me at church about the horses, so we stopped by with Riddler.  So it was him and his wife and then the wife's mother, who is 93 years old. The wife's mother has some dementia and Alzheimer's. 
It went so well, Riddler was a perfect gentlemen.  He unloaded on and off the trailer along the roadside, and as we were leaving, it even started to rain, and again.......... nothing bothered him!!  We could tell that they appreciated the visit.   

Today, the gentleman called and spoke to my dad. He wanted to thank us again for stopping for the visit.   His wife had already gotten some pictures developed from Riddler's visit.   He mentioned that it is really something, because his mother in law, who usually sleeps most the day was up all day today talking about Riddler and looking at his pictures. She was really happy!!  He said that was so neat to see the change in his mother in law.  So I thought that was so neat and wanted to share that with you.   Riddler was very therapeutic for them all, especially the elderly lady.  That just amazes me and make me feel so good!  We love Riddler so much.!!! 
XOXOX,  Kelly

Let Me Tell You About My Gypsy Vanner

By Nancy Fried-Tobin


 Thanks so much for this opportunity for me to tell you about Arkan (GV01129F, born 06/01/2002), my gelding gypsy Vanner.† He is from the UK and the son of Lion King.† I waited a long time to find a Vanner that would suit my needs, and he came along for sale 3 yrs ago, and the owner told me his forte was kids!† He loves them, and he is trained to drive.† I drove to look at him and fell in love. He has a personality that is outstanding!


I am a Reiki practitioner and I do animal assisted therapy with children who have severe challenges. I use him for vaulting. I am the only certified vaulting teacher in Florida, and he is so amazing, especially when the child is challenged. I work with autistic kids.† Also we use him to teach 4-H kids to drive and they do their projects with Arkan.†


He does our pony rides for us when school kids come to visit the farm.. 35 at a time!† I also make him the star when we do the black horse literacy program with the schools.. its to help kids learn to read, they read to him! 125 kids at a time!†


So Arkan is invaluable to our farm.. he is the shining star of the GOOD EARTH FARM

Nancy Fried-Tobin 

 arkan      arkan2