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Text Box: FKGH Lord Creedence

FKGH Creed (aka Davin), is a 2011 gypsy colt that will make his mark in the gypsy world, he is no ordinary colt.  With two partial blue eyes and his unique apricot coloring, he just shines. We aren't quite sure what to think of his multi colored silvery tail but it is impressive.  He has been blessed with his dams short back and his sire's long legs.  Both sire and dam are extremely stout so he should be a heavy gypsy stallion when he matures.

His Dam is  L.J (Liza Jane), Gone gypsy Farm’s best gypsy mare, her quality is outstanding.  Short back, traditional height, feathering of a stallion, 3 foot double mane and a tail that drags the ground.  His  sire is the one and only “Doc”, aka “Love Biscuit”, 15 hh, buckskin stallion is one of the few with Gypsy stallions with a top GVHS “5 star” rating.

(2011)   Creed has entered his first two shows, as a 2 year old, placing a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd, and also winning a reserve championship in
   the “in hand classes”. 

(2012)  In his 1st year of riding as a 3 year old, Creed was awarded four 1st places and two Grand Championships at Utah State Fair. 

            Grand Champion in the “Riding Open Class”  and the Grand Championship in the “Gypsy In Hand” class. 

            He also was awarded the “Gypsy High Point” Award for 2014

(2015)  Creed has matured into a heavy and sweet stallion, he has 10 foals on the ground, all are extremely beautiful.

            Captured five (5) 1st places and a Grand Championship at the 2015 Utah state fair.

(2016)   Creed has been awarded two GVHS 5 stars, one in conformation, one in English riding and was rated as a gold medallion stallion.
   He performed great in the Feathered classic west.  Creed placed third in his first dressage show, in an advanced class.

Text Box: 	Creedence Born June 8, 2011    
Ee, Aa, nCr, PSSM1 clear (nn)

Creed, our beautiful solid golden buckskin colt arrived from “Gone Gypsy” farm in Florida on Mar 2012.  Creed shows well and is a very intelligent colt, he thinks before acting, he will make a great addition to our gypsy horses breeding program.
 Creed’s coat has turned to a lovely dark golden color with dapples, his tail and mane have turned black.  He is a real charmer and a head turner.   He is becoming more gentle and calm as he matures.  He started driving training at two, and riding as a three year old.