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Text Box: A word of caution to horse buyers: There are a lot of scams going on in the Gypsy horse market, including horses that do not exist, ones that are not owned by the seller.  Also half gypsy horses being registered and sold as full Gypsies, some are named as Sports, X, Cross, registered, or just not identified as a cross.  We use DNA markers, parentage verification, knowledge of horses and breeders to authenticate the horse being offered.   

We know most of the reputable breeders, and can provide references for the reliable breeders.  We also offer some selected outside horses for sale that are not listed.

Call or email us if you want help authenticating a full gypsy horse, we will be happy to guide you, without any sales pressure or smear tactics.
Text Box: We have had a small Gypsy horse breeding farm since 2006, we highly value our reputation and will make sure the buyer and the horse are a good fit.  We offer a few Gypsy horses for sale

Each of our foals are imprinted at birth, go through basic foal training and desensitizing.  They also experience close human bonding as foals, making a more gentle, sweeter, more “willing to please” gypsy horse. 

We have hand picked our breeding stock from the best available stock and we offer a excellent value for your money.

Phone or text: Jim at 801 558 8581 
Email: jimwerner57@gmail.com)
Text Box: 2015 Red Zeppelin
$8000 (gelding)
Expect to reach 14.0 hh
Dark Chestnut Colt ee Aa

Zeppelin is a chunky solid dark chestnut gelding with a hidden agouti.  

He has a heavy body, short back, and small  head, unique coloring, heavy feather and a very sweet personality.

Works well in the round pen,  Leads well, loads well, and is currently in for 30 days of professional training.

His sire is Creed, a “5 star” sooty buckskin,  his dam is Chandy, a liver chestnut.  His Grand sires are Love Biscuit (5 star) & Cici’s Duke of Earl.  His Grand dams are, Caliegh & Lil ol Liza Jane.  His blood lines; include the Road sweeper and the Coal horse.
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Zeppelin 1st time in saddle Training