Text Box: Updated 06/01/17

Forest Knights Gypsy Horses   


Text Box: FKGH Red Zeppelin Gelding - For Sale $7000 
3-28-2015 - Liver Chestnut (ee, Aa) est. height 14.0

Zeppelin is a chunky colt with a very rare solid dark chestnut color, and an agouti.  He looks just like his mom did when she was younger.  He is a dark red color now and will be turning very dark, almost a bay color.   His mane and tail will turn a black/red and silver color.  He has a very sweet personality, a tiny head, large neck and chest and heavy body.

Zeppelin’s mane and tail will turn more grey as he matures.

His sire is Creed (Sooty Buckskin) and his Dam is Chandy (Liver Chestnut). 
Text Box:  2016 FKGH Lincoln (blood bay colt)  For Sale $9000
Born 5/11/2016, expected to be 14. hh.  
Double agouti Bay (Ee AA)

He is a beautiful and rare colored solid blood bay colt.   This colt will follow in his sires foot steps, he should end up a 5 star rated stallion in conformation and performance.
He has very heavy feather, small pretty head (his mane & tail will turn black). Tiny, pricked ears that turn in, white rimmed, large nostrils for taking in plenty of oxygen and a refined face, plus lovely, soft eyes, and great bone … serious color too, this boy has it all. 

His Sire is Creedence (5 star), his Dam is Coecoe (4 star).  
Grandsires are Love Biscuit (5 star), Rockafella (5 star) 
Grand dams are, Lil ol Liza Jane & Alexis of Lexin
Blood lines are The Vines mare, The Lion King, &  Roadsweeper.
Text Box: Our Gypsy Horse Program

Our Gypsy horses have been selected only from the best available stock.  Our prime selection factors are genetics, health, and temperament first, then conformity, size, and color.   Each of our horses are treated as family members and we give as much attention to each horse that we are able.  We purposely keep the number of yearly breeding down to the size we can handle, giving each foal the amount of time it takes to produce a gypsy horse that is fully family integrated, this is something that cannot be provided by a large breeder.  If you are looking for a family oriented gypsy horse, please take the time to visit a small dedicated  breeder and see the difference in the horses for yourself.  All of our foals are imprinted at birth and handled daily to ensure a close human bonding, I literally become the second mom to the foals.  Every horse goes through and continuous bonding and training process starting as foals, each going through kindergarten training, de-sensitizing, loading, lifting of feet, crossing tarps and bridges, having their heads covered, clipping, and patience, daily interacting with them to maintain the connection. 
At year old they are taught the basics, of patience, attention, respect, ground training, and very light round pen work.
As they reach two years old, they are started on driving training.  
After they reach the age of three they are scheduled for saddle training.

We are members of the GHA, GVHS, and  GHRA, working the members to advance the Gypsy horse breed in quality, recognition, and status.  We operate a small Gypsy horse farm about 30 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah with enough room for the horses to stretch out, or to have their own quiet space.  Our goal is to become the premier breeder at providing the best traditional Gypsy Vanner horses available at a very fair price.
Text Box: FKGH Tehya, for sale $7,500
Tri color Bay, Born 5/1/2007 , Ee Aa 15.1 hh

Tehya comes to us from Mid Wales GB.  She is a very proud horse very well built, typifying the Gypsy horse standard.  Apple butt, wide powerful chest and butt, short  back, smaller head and the sweetest personality you will ever find in a horse. Tehya is now the alpha mare, and is doing very well, she takes a gentle approach to the other mares and foals

FKGH Tiana

Born 4-14-2017

Chestnut (ee) filly,  est. height 15.0


Tiana is a natural charmer, she loves people, and has a very sweet personality.  I think Tiana is the prettiest foal I have ever seen.  She loves to visit with people


She has jagged red markings and has deep sapphire blue eyes.  She has a stallion size neck, a heavy, short body, long straight legs, and a tiny dished face.




FKGH Reba, For Sale $7500

Born 6-27-2017

Chestnut filly,  est. height 15.0


A sweet large baby girl


She has a very nice conformation, a small very pretty head.




FKGH Dinero - For Sale $9000

Born 5-13-2017

Buckskin colt,  est. height 14.0


Very sweet colt, he loves to visit people.  He will become a gorgeous stallion.   He carries the sooty gene, so he will have lots of dapples, he should develop four black socks. 


He has a very nice conformation, a small very pretty head, and light blue eyes.